Magnar RainHose Kit 1 Acre

Special Price KES103,000.00 Regular Price KES115,000.00
Magnar Rain Hose Kit - 32mmx100m = 1100m Rain Hose (Spacing 4 Apart) - 6.5HP Mn20H Petrol Powered Water Pump, 2"Inlet x 1 , 2"x 1+ 1.5"x2+ 1"x1 Outlets ,50m Head Vs 43,000l-Hr Flow Rate, OHV Fuel Efficient 168 F-1 Engine - 6m Steel Reinforced Suction Pipe With NRV Function Metal Foot Valve + Cam Lock (A+C) & Clamps - Rain Hose , Each Later Row With Control Valve - HDPE UV Treated Pipe 100m - All Elbows/Endcaps/Tees/Couplers - Rain Hose Start, Mid & End Connectors (Above With Assumption of Water Source Within Plot and Plot Length Max 90m)