Since its inception in 1898, Elgon Kenya Limited, the largest agri-input suppliers company in Kenya, has positioned itself to be a one stop shop for both small and large scale farmers providing cutting edge solutions that addresses every day needs of our customers. The company is involved in the distribution of agrochemicals, fertilizers, seeds, animal health products, irrigation equipment and selective farm equipment.


Our modern seeds department has partnered with local and international research institutions and seed breeders including AATF (WEMA), KALRO, CIMMYT and University of Nairobi to avail superior seed varieties that are high yielding, disease and drought resistant and fast maturing across an array of crops from cereals to vegetables.


As Kenyan soils have been continually depleting due to over use and human activities, replenishing has become important. Elgon Kenya packages and sells quality fertilizers taking the burden of high import cost from farmers which has translated into lower costs and more uptake at affordable rates to farmers. Under the brand name Elgon Thabiti, the three flagship fertilizers, Thabiti DAP, Thabiti CAN and Thabiti Urea, meant for wheat, barley, vegetables and sugarcane, allow farmers to access the fertilizers in time to continue with their food production. The fertilizers are packaged in 10kg, 20kg and 50kg bags reaching even the farmers with the lowest income.


Elgon Kenya has adopted an irrigation technology that guarantees higher crop yields within record time while ensuring no water is wasted. The portable Kadogo drip kit is meant for farmers who cannot afford expensive equipment for their irrigation needs. Elgon Kenya has also introduced low cost greenhouses through sheeting materials constructed through locally sourced materials making them within reach for thousands of farmers.


Furthermore, our company stands top in providing other packaging materials like BoPP flower sleeves, corrugated boxes and self-adhesive labels which are all used in exporting flowers to Europe. We are also the leading the manufacturers of jerrycans, green house sheeting, planting and carry bags, buckets, crates, etc.


Our strengths include our deep understanding of global and local markets, and our established presence in East and Central regions of Africa. As a result, we can provide strong product insights and good technical advice to clients, building lasting relationships with farmers and retailers.